Photocommunicationproject: selfcontrol ........Not everyone who look in the mirror knows himself......nicht jeder, der in den Spiegel schaut, erkennt "SICH"❤
Photocommunicationproject: Handpan in LOVE
Photocommunicationproject: Foggy Morning at Cologne Beach
Photocommunicationproject: time to.....hüpf or go
Photocommunicationproject: playing handpan in the morning
Photocommunicationproject: foggy morning greetings
Photocommunicationproject: A wonderful good Morning from Cologne
Photocommunicationproject: my new passion through corona
Photocommunicationproject: my new passion......
Photocommunicationproject: it's raining again in cologne
Photocommunicationproject: it's raining again
Photocommunicationproject: Vacation Rotterdam
Photocommunicationproject: Time to say goodbye
Photocommunicationproject: Red Sky over paradise
Photocommunicationproject: Rotterdam - Lensbaby
Photocommunicationproject: poppy wildflower
Photocommunicationproject: lonely heart....