marcommeslagh: The Rabbit of Knokke Belgium.
marcommeslagh: Just a landscape.
marcommeslagh: Just walking in the rain.....
marcommeslagh: Umbrellas.
marcommeslagh: The Bridge.
marcommeslagh: Norway in black & white.
marcommeslagh: Norway landscape.
marcommeslagh: Nordkapp Norway
marcommeslagh: Fjord Norway
marcommeslagh: Coming back.
marcommeslagh: Summer garden
marcommeslagh: Playing with the dog.
marcommeslagh: Giant dismantled.
marcommeslagh: To late for fishing.
marcommeslagh: Beach volley
marcommeslagh: Looking through
marcommeslagh: A forgotten corner.
marcommeslagh: My youngest daughter.
marcommeslagh: Looking forward
marcommeslagh: Keep an eye on my bike.
marcommeslagh: Cancer locked me out for a couple of months but I’m back.
marcommeslagh: Ghost rider
marcommeslagh: Walking in the street with his boss.
marcommeslagh: Boring fish.
marcommeslagh: Escape from the forest.
marcommeslagh: Out of use saddle.
marcommeslagh: After the storm, nature art. #nature #sea #sonya6000
marcommeslagh: Double sunset. #sunset