M'roy: Haggling for a good price
M'roy: lovely patern
M'roy: Kamis
M'roy: Cables galore
M'roy: making a sale
M'roy: fancy fabric for sari
M'roy: Showing off the merchandise
M'roy: bedsheet
M'roy: fabrics discarded
M'roy: shopkeeper
M'roy: the one i chose for nisha
M'roy: sarees for daily use
M'roy: more choices
M'roy: too many choices
M'roy: now shopping for scarves
M'roy: which one will i take home?
M'roy: IMG_0623
M'roy: not my color
M'roy: all sarees all the time
M'roy: i wonder if this is my color
M'roy: falling in love with their bedsheet design
M'roy: looks really good
M'roy: traffic jam
M'roy: beautiful date tree
M'roy: more ruins
M'roy: some of the ruins date back to the 1700s, I have seen one.
M'roy: another shot of the date tree
M'roy: this is my fave ruin
M'roy: another shot
M'roy: Sunset