M'roy: Kella Lalbagh 1
M'roy: crow guards his territory
M'roy: IMG_0396
M'roy: close-up of our friendly neighborhood crow on the guard
M'roy: red mail box
M'roy: scoring the tree to get the sap
M'roy: Dhaka Christian Cemetery
M'roy: Cross and ruins
M'roy: Ricksha
M'roy: Rock Star
M'roy: Bath Time
M'roy: Kella Lalbagh 2
M'roy: Kella Lalbagh 3
M'roy: Kella Lalbagh 5
M'roy: Kella Lalbagh 4
M'roy: Sonargaon 4
M'roy: Sonargaon/ Panam City
M'roy: Dhaka University 2
M'roy: Sonargaon 1
M'roy: Sonargaon 2
M'roy: Dhaka University 1
M'roy: Street Vendor 2
M'roy: Street Vendor 1
M'roy: Panam City
M'roy: Ahsan-Manzil
M'roy: Ruins at Dhaka Christian Cemetary
M'roy: IMG_0103
M'roy: IMG_0104
M'roy: IMG_0472
M'roy: IMG_0480