rolabalthus: Storm Clouds
rolabalthus: Looking Up
rolabalthus: very old
rolabalthus: Textured Blue
rolabalthus: Studious
rolabalthus: Harvest
rolabalthus: DoorPull
rolabalthus: DomeForFlickrFriday
rolabalthus: Brabus
rolabalthus: Red & Yellow
rolabalthus: BigDoor
rolabalthus: Motor cycle man
rolabalthus: Pottery for Crazy Tuesday
rolabalthus: Lampione
rolabalthus: FlickrFridayVaniglia
rolabalthus: Pinocchio
rolabalthus: Lampione Grande
rolabalthus: Vintage balcony in the wonderful city of Siena, Italy
rolabalthus: RedBlueYellow
rolabalthus: Binario Quatro
rolabalthus: OnAnIncline
rolabalthus: UpSideDown
rolabalthus: ReflectionsInColour
rolabalthus: TooNarrowForCars
rolabalthus: Lampioni, Siena, Italia
rolabalthus: Old & New
rolabalthus: FlickrFridayTin
rolabalthus: rat torture