piccolinaa: Clematis...Waldrebe
piccolinaa: Can you smell me??
piccolinaa: baby its cold outside.brrrr
piccolinaa: HELP!! I'm trapped
piccolinaa: Down by the river
piccolinaa: I'm still small..pineapple in growth 🍍
piccolinaa: FRATELLINO
piccolinaa: Pomegrante..
piccolinaa: the last one turn off the light please πŸ’‘nice evening..buona serata..schönen Abend
piccolinaa: The magic of the south 🌺
piccolinaa: mesmerizing afternoon sky
piccolinaa: on the old Main-Bridge
piccolinaa: chilling the gin is also kind of cooking πŸ˜‡πŸ˜…βœŒ
piccolinaa: january in Sardegna
piccolinaa: January in germany
piccolinaa: ALICE...for HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday
piccolinaa: yeahhh.I'm the master of disaster!!!
piccolinaa: th last ones.....
piccolinaa: olives in my garden..
piccolinaa: Marienkapelle Würzburg /Lady chapel
piccolinaa: πŸ˜‚wanna have some??
piccolinaa: Its raining men.ähh no..I mean day πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‡
piccolinaa: A little spring greeting..from me to you
piccolinaa: exactly what I need now β˜•
piccolinaa: light and shadow
piccolinaa: Lychee - the love fruit from China
piccolinaa: Raspberries and limoncello
piccolinaa: Green for CrazyTuesday
piccolinaa: a new beginning(blue hyacinth)
piccolinaa: Hug me now and ➑➑➑