Gravityrules: From Fire to Monsoon
Gravityrules: Pencil of a red aloe bloom
Gravityrules: Agua Caliente Park remodeled
Gravityrules: Agua Caliente Park refection
Gravityrules: Tucson's smoky mountains
Gravityrules: Agave americana inflorescence in 720nm
Gravityrules: Washingtonia
Gravityrules: Agave parryi inflorescence
Gravityrules: Agave parryi inflorescence
Gravityrules: Santa Rita in Bloom
Gravityrules: Santa Rita Blooming
Gravityrules: Santa Rita Bloom
Gravityrules: Aloe with red bloom
Gravityrules: Shells
Gravityrules: Finger Rock
Gravityrules: Mums in Pencil Style
Gravityrules: Flower 2
Gravityrules: ammonite
Gravityrules: Double Flower
Gravityrules: Cactus Flower....with a twist
Gravityrules: Nodipecten subnodosus
Gravityrules: Finger Rock
Gravityrules: Catalina Clouds
Gravityrules: Early Morning First Light
Gravityrules: First Light
Gravityrules: Balboa Park Arboretum - San Diego
Gravityrules: Dioon spinulosum
Gravityrules: Balboa Park Arboretum