corineouellet: Green bell pepper in progress!
corineouellet: Spring vibes
corineouellet: Lobster, black blood pudding and bisque!
corineouellet: Homemade focaccia with fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes salad and mozzarella cream.
corineouellet: Spring buds
corineouellet: Sleepy dog...
corineouellet: Spring is coming
corineouellet: Let’s find a treasure!
corineouellet: Chocolate chips cookies!!
corineouellet: Spring fever!
corineouellet: Sleepy girl...
corineouellet: Sirloin grilled steak with homemade pastas!
corineouellet: My lovely daughter 💖
corineouellet: Crispy goat cheese sticks!
corineouellet: Pizza Margherita, my way!
corineouellet: Tuna tataki with green onions broth!
corineouellet: Lost in the forest
corineouellet: Lemon and meringue eclairs.
corineouellet: Focusing
corineouellet: Avocado, fresh tomatoes and basil croque-monsieur.
corineouellet: Bokehlicious!
corineouellet: Homemade fried chicken, KFC style!
corineouellet: Spring is coming...
corineouellet: Salmon burger!
corineouellet: Abandon