gary_photog: Altocumulus Mackerel clouds visit Lake BK
gary_photog: Down but not out- Street Photography
gary_photog: Approaching storm on the Miller barn- Long Exposure
gary_photog: Sunrise on the Missouri Pacific railroad bridge
gary_photog: Lake Pickthorne at sunset
gary_photog: Little Rock skyline long exposure
gary_photog: A face full of character
gary_photog: Glimpse of light
gary_photog: Winter Solitude
gary_photog: Pastel sunset
gary_photog: A cloud explosion at sunset
gary_photog: Lone tree at sunset
gary_photog: Beginning of blue hour
gary_photog: Blue satin sunset
gary_photog: Dark clouds competing with the sun at sunset
gary_photog: The last light
gary_photog: BK National Wildlife Refuge at sunset
gary_photog: Furious sunset
gary_photog: Sunset Reflections
gary_photog: Long exposure sunset
gary_photog: Arkansas farmland
gary_photog: Dual between the clouds and sun
gary_photog: Some low light photography
gary_photog: Color, texture, shape, and shadow
gary_photog: Merry Christmas!
gary_photog: David and what he does best
gary_photog: Winter Solstice 2019
gary_photog: Thank you all for your kind comments and favs!
gary_photog: Scouting for acorns