MoparMadman63: vital signs
MoparMadman63: Signs of the time
MoparMadman63: purposeful lighting
MoparMadman63: natural signs
MoparMadman63: trash can performance
MoparMadman63: one slip and...
MoparMadman63: Night-shift begins
MoparMadman63: "night-shift"
MoparMadman63: Cyber Monday
MoparMadman63: album cover of the week
MoparMadman63: "Tear down the wall!"
MoparMadman63: Still a Shadow Of Summer in Texas so "let's play"
MoparMadman63: up close and personal
MoparMadman63: friend in purple
MoparMadman63: Fireworks neighborhood style
MoparMadman63: You fave it, you name it
MoparMadman63: "pacifier"
MoparMadman63: Texas State Fair's main stage
MoparMadman63: "music" anywhere, anyplace
MoparMadman63: rooftop visit
MoparMadman63: day's ending
MoparMadman63: suburban landscape
MoparMadman63: "Dallas"
MoparMadman63: signs of life
MoparMadman63: open air amusement
MoparMadman63: Front line
MoparMadman63: corner office
MoparMadman63: when it's dark
MoparMadman63: corner chair
MoparMadman63: urban art fragments (from Texas to you)