MoparMadman63: Pre-dawn Healthcare facilities
MoparMadman63: Dawn's light greets an empty Lobby
MoparMadman63: pre-dawn Lobby eagerly awaits
MoparMadman63: Conversation starter
MoparMadman63: Waiting room? Or room in wait.
MoparMadman63: Natural meets man-made
MoparMadman63: Spirit of Australia
MoparMadman63: Playing the scales
MoparMadman63: sophfishticated
MoparMadman63: plane crazy
MoparMadman63: Caster crazy
MoparMadman63: abstract universe
MoparMadman63: pane of color
MoparMadman63: Texas winter
MoparMadman63: Aerial Skyline
MoparMadman63: renovating and expanding
MoparMadman63: it's a crane shame
MoparMadman63: "Let there be light"
MoparMadman63: Art-chitecture
MoparMadman63: Hidden in plain sight
MoparMadman63: Dallas and it's travelers
MoparMadman63: Miles of wire that seem to never expire
MoparMadman63: Repurposed
MoparMadman63: Dirt displayed with style
MoparMadman63: unique signs and advertisement
MoparMadman63: local Treasures
MoparMadman63: Classic driven daily!
MoparMadman63: Vintage Suburbia
MoparMadman63: places I've seen