A.Dissing: Life doesn't suck.
A.Dissing: Memento Mori
A.Dissing: Life is a dream
A.Dissing: Still loving you
A.Dissing: The Dissing Bay
A.Dissing: Winter is death.
A.Dissing: The tie that unite us all
A.Dissing: To the moon and back
A.Dissing: The confession of art
A.Dissing: Blue spotlight.
A.Dissing: Feeling of fear
A.Dissing: Along the watchtower
A.Dissing: The magic of autumn
A.Dissing: A walk on the wild side.
A.Dissing: Life is passing you by.
A.Dissing: Like a painting
A.Dissing: Humbled by the world
A.Dissing: Made to be broken.
A.Dissing: Along came a spider
A.Dissing: Escaping
A.Dissing: look at me.
A.Dissing: Don't break my heart
A.Dissing: Strange things
A.Dissing: The thorns remain
A.Dissing: Morning sun.
A.Dissing: I don't want you to rush
A.Dissing: Walk in a dream, while awake
A.Dissing: Falling.
A.Dissing: A misty morning.
A.Dissing: I feel pretty.