atone13: Been hanging on since autumn, yet...
atone13: Small birds seek cover as Red Kites circle.
atone13: Moss Sporophyte (New & enlarged photo)
atone13: Primroses, rarin' to do their thing.
atone13: Ladybird on a bramble leaf.
atone13: Ranunculus Ficaria.
atone13: Senecio in spring sunshine.
atone13: The bees were busy this afternoon.
atone13: The fuschia awaits...
atone13: A Royal oak, my shield from the evening sun.
atone13: The flowers of Lamium Maculatum.
atone13: Mahonia and Camellia after morning rain.
atone13: Carnations.
atone13: New leaves open on the Yellow Privet.
atone13: Vinca Major Contre-jour.
atone13: The flower buds of Clematis Montana Rubens.
atone13: A Jay on the edge of the wood.
atone13: A gaggle of baby Canada Geese.
atone13: A Camellia.
atone13: Flowering Cactus.
atone13: Rosemary in flower.
atone13: Moss sporophytes.
atone13: Primula (Polyanthus)
atone13: Vinca Major Variegata
atone13: Primula after a short shower of sleet.
atone13: Vinca Major
atone13: Ménage à trois.
atone13: A single Crocus about to open.
atone13: Brunnera.
atone13: Crocuses about to open.