salihseviner: why don't you go to the dogs..
salihseviner: they're all up there..
salihseviner: jealous cat..
salihseviner: pokerface..
salihseviner: MyFlickrYear2023 Photo
salihseviner: and they quietly whispered yellow songs..
salihseviner: Happy New Year..♫
salihseviner: Yeah, I've got a nice tail..
salihseviner: I don't know what to do..
salihseviner: all right, I promise..
salihseviner: tower..
salihseviner: get the hell out of here..
salihseviner: they're not at home..
salihseviner: do you have to meddle in everything..
salihseviner: yellow river..
salihseviner: en iyisi uyumak..
salihseviner: gotta go now..
salihseviner: ağır abi..
salihseviner: we were together but we never talked..
salihseviner: tell me now..
salihseviner: love my car..
salihseviner: I feel cold..
salihseviner: I hate you..
salihseviner: I didn't expect you..
salihseviner: didn't like it..
salihseviner: some worries about life..
salihseviner: we are at school..
salihseviner: Quizás.. ♫
salihseviner: snob..
salihseviner: hierarchy..