massehjeltman: The kings park
massehjeltman: Ellinor with green backdrop
massehjeltman: Western harbour
massehjeltman: Even so called ugly places can be interesting when it comes to shapes and lines. Don’t you think?
massehjeltman: Blondell
massehjeltman: Waiting for his friends to arrive.
massehjeltman: Closer to Savannah
massehjeltman: Eira the saint
massehjeltman: NY Clown
massehjeltman: NY Clown
massehjeltman: Red Apple
massehjeltman: Ellinor
massehjeltman: Isabella sideways
massehjeltman: Isabella
massehjeltman: The Edge, Malmö.
massehjeltman: Freya bnw
massehjeltman: Linnea at the stool
massehjeltman: Linnea in profile
massehjeltman: Ellinor b&w