vmonkphotography: 20180818_160837-2
vmonkphotography: reflections #?
vmonkphotography: open windows
vmonkphotography: Hamburg Harbour
vmonkphotography: I see the light
vmonkphotography: Rathaus Hamburg-Altona
vmonkphotography: Skyline - Port of Hamburg.
vmonkphotography: Empty space
vmonkphotography: Verbindungen
vmonkphotography: River Elbe
vmonkphotography: No audiance - silent
vmonkphotography: Good Morning ...
vmonkphotography: 20201102_graz-548-2
vmonkphotography: rings ...
vmonkphotography: looking forward
vmonkphotography: Waiting for ...
vmonkphotography: 20200823_-104
vmonkphotography: Have a look
vmonkphotography: What a smile
vmonkphotography: free-laughing