RossCunningham183: Superb Lyrebird
RossCunningham183: The mouth of the Shoalhaven River
RossCunningham183: Big waves, Port Kembla Beach
RossCunningham183: Manildra, Shoalhaven Starches
RossCunningham183: Spoonbills at rest
RossCunningham183: Lake house with spoonbill views
RossCunningham183: Colours of Autumn
RossCunningham183: Dusky moorhens with autumn leaves
RossCunningham183: Autumn in Mittagong
RossCunningham183: Ducks with Autumn Leaves
RossCunningham183: Lake Alexandra, Mittagong
RossCunningham183: Ibis on the farm
RossCunningham183: Sunrise, South Beach, Wollongong
RossCunningham183: Eastern Barn Owl
RossCunningham183: Shell Cove Marina and markets
RossCunningham183: A Wollongong sunrise
RossCunningham183: Port Kembla and Port Kembla Steelworks
RossCunningham183: Autumn in Burrawang, NSW
RossCunningham183: Autumn colour, Burrawang
RossCunningham183: Autumn in Barrawang, Southern Highlands, NSW
RossCunningham183: Waves and the Port Kembla Steelworks
RossCunningham183: Going fishing, Lake Illawarra
RossCunningham183: Sunrise at South Beach, Wollongong
RossCunningham183: The seniors dragon boat crew
RossCunningham183: Australasian darters and friend
RossCunningham183: Crested Pigeon
RossCunningham183: Path to the Beach, Port Kembla
RossCunningham183: Golden orb weaving spider
RossCunningham183: Wollongong Harbour breakwater
RossCunningham183: Rescue helicopter taking off