RossCunningham183: Lasers on Sydney Harbour
RossCunningham183: Willie wagtail
RossCunningham183: A cattle egret fly by
RossCunningham183: The pond at Forest Grove
RossCunningham183: The great coot adventure
RossCunningham183: Black-headed Skimmer Dragonfly
RossCunningham183: Pacific Black Ducks
RossCunningham183: Trees silhouettes in the sunset
RossCunningham183: Wollongong sunset
RossCunningham183: White-headed stilts
RossCunningham183: Australasian figbird
RossCunningham183: Royal Spoonbills, Kanahooka
RossCunningham183: Little Black Cormorants
RossCunningham183: The pond at Forest Grove
RossCunningham183: Black swans with cygnet
RossCunningham183: Balmoral, a Sydney ferry
RossCunningham183: The royal spoonbills being playful
RossCunningham183: Crested terns and fishmen at Gerroa
RossCunningham183: Gerroa Headland
RossCunningham183: Royal Spoonbill
RossCunningham183: Path to the Beach
RossCunningham183: A pair of nesting black swans
RossCunningham183: Black swans with cygnets
RossCunningham183: Sunset from my house
RossCunningham183: Lenticular clouds
RossCunningham183: The sunset from my backyard
RossCunningham183: A storm front passes over Wollongong
RossCunningham183: Windsurfers on Lake Illawarra
RossCunningham183: Sydney Harbour boats
RossCunningham183: Southern Swan, Sydney Harbour