shavermatic: What a relief!
shavermatic: 1913 LED
shavermatic: A Dentist and his tools 1913
shavermatic: Brough Marsh
shavermatic: Scorched earth
shavermatic: Jaguar
shavermatic: Big Cat
shavermatic: Time for a brew lads
shavermatic: If they could talk
shavermatic: Low Tide Maryport, cumbria
shavermatic: Still Standing
shavermatic: Old Trawler Winch
shavermatic: Low Tide
shavermatic: Old Pier
shavermatic: OldWall
shavermatic: Big stone and Family
shavermatic: Get the fire on
shavermatic: Cumbrian Hills
shavermatic: Exhausted
shavermatic: Shiney Pipe
shavermatic: Curvey
shavermatic: Dark Tower
shavermatic: Chairs in window light
shavermatic: Rusty Capstan