TLRR: Off to mow pastures new (hopefully)
TLRR: The bit that makes it all happen
TLRR: Keeping a lid on things
TLRR: Off to mow pastures new (hopefully)
TLRR: Abandoned boat left in a gateway to a field in Staffordshire.
TLRR: TRD 178H 1970 Commer TS3 Robert J. Wakefield
TLRR: Plymouth to Aldridge
TLRR: K series Thames Trader
TLRR: Never late with a V8 & another one on tow just for good measure
TLRR: Give us this day our daily bread
TLRR: No comparison!!!!!!
TLRR: This was a boxvan until it hit a lorry on the hard shoulder of the M25, I had to cut what was left down & bring it back flatpacked.
TLRR: Just spotted this hiding in a shed
TLRR: A50 westbound Foston
TLRR: A50 westbound Foston
TLRR: Just lurking in the corner of a yard
TLRR: F12 6 wheel drive winch lorry
TLRR: Go anywhere lorry
TLRR: The business end.
TLRR: The best & the rest
TLRR: Bedford TM
TLRR: Stuck in the mud
TLRR: IVECO stands for It Vibrates Everything Comes Off
TLRR: Volvo FM
TLRR: Scania side tipper
TLRR: Alsop Moor
TLRR: Stoney Middleton to Kings Lynn
TLRR: A recent study has proved the best way to move a fully electric powered lorry like this is to load it on the back of a 480 HP. Volvo
TLRR: JFA 434F Leyland Super Comet