TommyÅ: Long before the sights can be viewed
TommyÅ: The fairies dances over Umeå river
TommyÅ: One can assume the halo phenomenon
TommyÅ: Sssch, the car is asleep
TommyÅ: Sunset at Umeå River
TommyÅ: Springtime birds (mallards) at Umeå harbor
TommyÅ: Upstream at Backens Church
TommyÅ: Pink water
TommyÅ: Downstream at Backens Church
TommyÅ: High and low clouds
TommyÅ: View from Bergön
TommyÅ: Icicles
TommyÅ: Or big and small
TommyÅ: Small and bigg
TommyÅ: Devilish smoke
TommyÅ: w(e)ir(e)(d)
TommyÅ: Maybe it's springtime
TommyÅ: The crooked highway straight ahead
TommyÅ: A nice little bridge
TommyÅ: Seasonal Park at winter
TommyÅ: Modern barns
TommyÅ: Magpie's nest - pica pica
TommyÅ: Guard owl - strix plastic
TommyÅ: Wilma philosophizes
TommyÅ: Wilma studying snowfall
TommyÅ: Sunlit snowflakes
TommyÅ: Magpie - Pica pica - Skata2
TommyÅ: Magpie - Pica pica - Skata1
TommyÅ: Open water
TommyÅ: The waves dance