TommyÅ: Evening at the lake
TommyÅ: A small winter creek
TommyÅ: The anthill
TommyÅ: What's beyond the forest
TommyÅ: Hi hi, the other guy just has a TV antenna
TommyÅ: Northen light, moon light and artificial light
TommyÅ: They are actually called Margot's tits after a local politician
TommyÅ: The moon is watching
TommyÅ: The Kolbäcksbridge
TommyÅ: The promenade and Umeå river
TommyÅ: In to the fog
TommyÅ: Time to move south
TommyÅ: Horse and human road
TommyÅ: For the horses to drink from
TommyÅ: No more harvest this year
TommyÅ: A little snow left anyway
TommyÅ: Leaf-covered hill
TommyÅ: Blue tit (Parus Caeruleus)
TommyÅ: Ice crystals
TommyÅ: Gems of ice
TommyÅ: Morning exercise
TommyÅ: Will the snow survive
TommyÅ: Not enough to melt the ice
TommyÅ: And the time is 09:30
TommyÅ: Water culvert
TommyÅ: The ditch
TommyÅ: Sun-energy
TommyÅ: Yeas, it IS there
TommyÅ: Soon
TommyÅ: The moon