Gudzwi: I hug you. My hot sweetie.
Gudzwi: I melt for you. Rosemary on ice.
Gudzwi: Stormy times. Just the right time to blur.
Gudzwi: Here we are. Slipped out of the undergrowth of winter.
Gudzwi: In preparation. Let's get the party started. / 2
Gudzwi: In preparation. Let's get the party started. / 1
Gudzwi: Meeting at the highway. Affected to each other.
Gudzwi: Strange creature. Cygnus Olor Medusae.
Gudzwi: Strange creature. Pavo Cristatus Mutata Alba.
Gudzwi: Fluffy fur. And really loved from the heart.
Gudzwi: Sugar rim on heart. Sometimes toxic.
Gudzwi: Fluffy fur. And no silver that glitters here.
Gudzwi: Fluffy. No wolf in sheep's clothing.
Gudzwi: No barrier. Frozen noses everywhere.
Gudzwi: Bubbling bubbles. Contradictory.
Gudzwi: No fear. They don't bite anymore.
Gudzwi: Drops like pearls. Water like feathers.
Gudzwi: Outdoors. A plant that stretches out to the sun.
Gudzwi: Indoors. A plant that bubbles with the outdoors.
Gudzwi: Discussion. About the first few days of this year.
Gudzwi: Pinned snowball. I kept it for you.
Gudzwi: No snow this winter. Fixed?
Gudzwi: Contained. A surprise included.
Gudzwi: On the slide. Into the new year.
Gudzwi: Stairway. To heaven.
Gudzwi: Baubles. Interwoven.
Gudzwi: Glitter glamor burst out. Even the universe is set on glitter.
Gudzwi: Tender flowers. And a tender moment full of happiness.
Gudzwi: Left there. Now silence is spreading.
Gudzwi: In angular structures. Tangled.