Sandipan's: Is there a ghost of machines?
Sandipan's: Play of shadows and lights
Sandipan's: Where the mind is free to fly!
Sandipan's: Ramdom street seens
Sandipan's: back alley
Sandipan's: Conversation starters
Sandipan's: Play of the sun
Sandipan's: The monkeycap laden dad in winter!
Sandipan's: she- captured in the street
Sandipan's: Pandemic times and ignorance!
Sandipan's: Terrace- the place where my mind loves to meditate.
Sandipan's: Composing a shoe market scene
Sandipan's: lazy times
Sandipan's: when you fall behind and darkness comforts you
Sandipan's: just some street scenes
Sandipan's: keeping moving and fast..
Sandipan's: a conversation in a cinematic look
Sandipan's: listen to me, its a secret!
Sandipan's: Expression and expectations
Sandipan's: the play of dodge and burn
Sandipan's: when she completes a scene
Sandipan's: street expressions
Sandipan's: street expressions
Sandipan's: As sculpted by mother nature..
Sandipan's: She amongst nature
Sandipan's: I love that smile on her face!
Sandipan's: _DSC0446
Sandipan's: _DSC0411
Sandipan's: caring minds
Sandipan's: A backlit scene