Obas123: Giant fungus
Obas123: Approaching dog: Woof woof woof woof woof
Obas123: Fire
Obas123: What are you looking at?
Obas123: Sunset
Obas123: Seeking consolation
Obas123: Far, far away...
Obas123: Hug
Obas123: Kasteel Doornenburg
Obas123: Macrolepiota procera
Obas123: In the picture...
Obas123: The three Mushketeers
Obas123: Hug
Obas123: Small, smaller, smallest
Obas123: Front row
Obas123: Tipula oleraceae
Obas123: On the edge
Obas123: Amanita pantherina
Obas123: One flower
Obas123: Okay... Now push ;-)
Obas123: Fading in the spotlight
Obas123: Okay...now pull!
Obas123: Tunnel vision in the fall
Obas123: Laccaria amethystina
Obas123: Coprinopsis atramentaria
Obas123: Sun and the forest
Obas123: Drinking cup
Obas123: Small
Obas123: What's up doc
Obas123: Amanita Muscaria