Obas123: Hanging in
Obas123: Pink flower
Obas123: Gold
Obas123: Cricket
Obas123: Mushroom
Obas123: Young deer
Obas123: Hipparchia statilinus
Obas123: Pinus Sylvestris?
Obas123: Just another nice path
Obas123: Bumblebee
Obas123: Juice :)
Obas123: Nice forest
Obas123: Pink flowers
Obas123: Maniola jurtina (Meadow Brown)
Obas123: Swallow nest
Obas123: Windy forest path to a house
Obas123: Geranium pratense L.
Obas123: Fly feast
Obas123: Straight coral fungus
Obas123: Grey Heron
Obas123: The crowded house :)
Obas123: Fairy tale house
Obas123: Driveway of the past
Obas123: Green
Obas123: Polyporus brumalis
Obas123: A nice walk
Obas123: House
Obas123: Forest path
Obas123: Scutellaria lateriflora?
Obas123: One