katebosworth1: Tiny Ballerina
katebosworth1: Teton National Park
katebosworth1: It's not what you think.
katebosworth1: Fall coming to an end.
katebosworth1: Cody Peak, Grand Teton National Park.
katebosworth1: Grand Teton National Park
katebosworth1: Possibilities
katebosworth1: Mt. Sopris
katebosworth1: Select your stride.
katebosworth1: We all are unique.
katebosworth1: Central park run.
katebosworth1: NYC escapes.
katebosworth1: Six legs.
katebosworth1: Looking up.
katebosworth1: NYC lights.
katebosworth1: Selfie-time.
katebosworth1: One gives thought to what was invented first the light bulb or Cola Cola.
katebosworth1: Birds and their boats.
katebosworth1: Love...
katebosworth1: Deep thoughts.
katebosworth1: Afternoon jam.
katebosworth1: Hang on.
katebosworth1: Above tree line.
katebosworth1: Vanishing point.
katebosworth1: Find that spark of light in you.
katebosworth1: Belize banana boat.
katebosworth1: Cool handlebars.
katebosworth1: Mother nature's brilliant job of camouflage.
katebosworth1: Winter necessity.