eklipse1977: The long Breath of a Moment
eklipse1977: In Silence you hear the Echoes of Time
eklipse1977: No Wall
eklipse1977: Gentle Friendship for a Moment
eklipse1977: Covered with Silence
eklipse1977: On soft Feet
eklipse1977: The Bookstore
eklipse1977: Whispering Stories of the Street
eklipse1977: The Sleepwalker buys a Ticket and travels by Train
eklipse1977: Sleepwalker
eklipse1977: Closing Time
eklipse1977: Sometimes Dreams and waking Moments exchange their Places
eklipse1977: The black Dog runs at Night
eklipse1977: Inside & Outside
eklipse1977: Dive into another World
eklipse1977: The Universe
eklipse1977: In Love with the Rain
eklipse1977: Thoughts
eklipse1977: Feel the Look on the Neck
eklipse1977: Drowned, in the Sea of ​​Thoughts
eklipse1977: The World is like a Mirror in front of our own Nose
eklipse1977: When the breath disappears
eklipse1977: slowly flowing Time
eklipse1977: The color