medic1photography: Hole in the Rock
medic1photography: Treasure Loop
medic1photography: The Westward Ho
medic1photography: Alta Sunrise
medic1photography: Dead Tree Moon
medic1photography: Papago Park
medic1photography: Sky Harbor Sunset
medic1photography: Highway 88
medic1photography: Papago Park
medic1photography: Telegraph Pass
medic1photography: The Valley
medic1photography: Mountain Flowers
medic1photography: Monsoon Season
medic1photography: Lower Salt River
medic1photography: Monsoon Sunset
medic1photography: Salt River Sunrise
medic1photography: M1 Photography-2
medic1photography: Lake Grass
medic1photography: Canyon Lake
medic1photography: Bush Fire Sunrise
medic1photography: Fort McDowell Sunset
medic1photography: The Dragonfly
medic1photography: Fading Light
medic1photography: Flatiron View
medic1photography: Tempe Bridge
medic1photography: Phon D. Sutton Rd.
medic1photography: Four Peaks