Austronomer76: 12/P Pons-Brooks passing Andromeda
Austronomer76: 12/P Pons-Brooks on March 8th 2024
Austronomer76: Spaghetti Nebula - Simeis 147
Austronomer76: Beware of the Squid!
Austronomer76: The Sitting Goat
Austronomer76: There's a Monster lurking in the Gulf of Mexico!
Austronomer76: Autumn Beauty: The Andromeda Galaxy
Austronomer76: A Wolf-Rayet Double Pack
Austronomer76: Perseid Meteor Shower 2023
Austronomer76: M101 with Supernova SN2023ixf
Austronomer76: A Widefield View of M8 and M20
Austronomer76: Monoceros Widefield
Austronomer76: Tail Separation of Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
Austronomer76: Geminid Meteor
Austronomer76: Sh2-170 - The "Little Rosette" Nebula
Austronomer76: Partial Solar Eclipse 2022-10-25 through Clouds
Austronomer76: Partial Solar Eclipse 2022-10-25
Austronomer76: The Ghosts of Cassiopeia
Austronomer76: A Widefield View of NGC 7129
Austronomer76: Iris and the Ghost
Austronomer76: The Veil Nebula in Cgnus
Austronomer76: Small Sagittarius Star Cloud
Austronomer76: Planet Constellation 2022
Austronomer76: Zodiacal Light
Austronomer76: Stargazing at the Hohe Dirn Observatory
Austronomer76: A Cosmic Waterfall
Austronomer76: Beautiful Galaxy Triplet in Ursa Major
Austronomer76: Leo Trilpet with Tidal Tail
Austronomer76: The Sun 2022-03-13
Austronomer76: Almost a First Quarter Moon