T_Bunk: American Dipper w white eyelids
T_Bunk: American Dipper III
T_Bunk: Elk herd at Daniel's Park
T_Bunk: Milkweed seed pods busting open after a recent hard freeze.
T_Bunk: Red-tailed Hawk - portrait
T_Bunk: American White Pelicans on beach
T_Bunk: Black-bellied Plover
T_Bunk: American Golden Plover
T_Bunk: Yellow-leaf road
T_Bunk: Creek w Aspens
T_Bunk: Tall Aspen Grove
T_Bunk: Log jam in stream II
T_Bunk: Volcanic dike radiating from North Table Mesa
T_Bunk: Boulder Valley fields in August
T_Bunk: A heavenly Colorado sunset
T_Bunk: Front Range Sunset
T_Bunk: Hovering Honeybee
T_Bunk: Broad-tailed Hummingbird at Rocky Mountain Bee-Plant
T_Bunk: Broad-tailed Hummingbird - female
T_Bunk: Common Harebell with red mites
T_Bunk: Bumblebee on Blue Mist Penstemon
T_Bunk: Rocky Mountain Groundsel
T_Bunk: Whiplash Fleabane or Whiplash Daisy w beetle
T_Bunk: Fluffy seedhead - macro II
T_Bunk: Western Meadowlark against low clouds
T_Bunk: Pronghorn Antelope - Laramie County
T_Bunk: Prairie Flower w Bee II
T_Bunk: Northern Rough-winged Swallow III
T_Bunk: Lark Bunting in the rain
T_Bunk: Lark Bunting in flight