petersely: Bathing
petersely: Observing
petersely: Sunny river
petersely: A horse with no name
petersely: Overwhelmed
petersely: Like dinosaurs
petersely: Solo
petersely: Water works
petersely: Hear the notes from a distant song
petersely: don’t
petersely: Spellbound
petersely: The big sky
petersely: Cassandra’s calling
petersely: Joe Exotic for president 🎃
petersely: Dancing in the street! 💃
petersely: Blinded
petersely: Distant
petersely: Just the two of us
petersely: Distant memories
petersely: Here in the calm after the storm
petersely: Sunny
petersely: Once upon a beach
petersely: Wasteland
petersely: In between
petersely: Tucked in under a blanket of clouds
petersely: Welcome to fall
petersely: Shattered cloud
petersely: Flow
petersely: Elegant sunset
petersely: Spread your wings