Unknown-Photographer: Fire in the Water
Unknown-Photographer: Burning Leaves
Unknown-Photographer: Flaming Colors
Unknown-Photographer: Road of Colors
Unknown-Photographer: Bright Flame
Unknown-Photographer: Black Squirrel
Unknown-Photographer: Church of the Savior on Blood
Unknown-Photographer: Yellow Bushes
Unknown-Photographer: Peaceful Green
Unknown-Photographer: Castle Colors
Unknown-Photographer: Combo of Ships
Unknown-Photographer: The Straight Lines
Unknown-Photographer: Naval St. Nicholas Cathedral
Unknown-Photographer: The Yellow Bridge
Unknown-Photographer: Triumphal Arch of General Staff Building
Unknown-Photographer: Palace Square with View on Saint Isaac's Cathedral, The Admiralty and a Part of Winter Palace
Unknown-Photographer: Taste of Sun
Unknown-Photographer: Winter Palace
Unknown-Photographer: Red In Gates