Unknown-Photographer: Yunyi Baltiets
Unknown-Photographer: KMT01 Barents Sea
Unknown-Photographer: Palace of Culture of Communication Workers with Saint Isaac's Cathedral Dome
Unknown-Photographer: Mist in Saint-Petersburg
Unknown-Photographer: Golden Light
Unknown-Photographer: Frosted Forest
Unknown-Photographer: Smolny Cathedral
Unknown-Photographer: Frosted Dome
Unknown-Photographer: The Legend in Mist
Unknown-Photographer: Krasnoflotsky Bridge
Unknown-Photographer: Gray Day Reflection
Unknown-Photographer: The Way of Stars
Unknown-Photographer: Krasnogvardeysky Bridge
Unknown-Photographer: Saint Petersburg City Duma
Unknown-Photographer: Confrontation of Blue and Yellow
Unknown-Photographer: Combo on Palace Square
Unknown-Photographer: Triumphal Train
Unknown-Photographer: Nevsky Prospect
Unknown-Photographer: Four Columns
Unknown-Photographer: Magic Tunnel
Unknown-Photographer: Christmas Tree
Unknown-Photographer: Nevsky Movement
Unknown-Photographer: Christmas Balls
Unknown-Photographer: Three In One Out