CodeHole: Astral Projection, Graffiti Retouched, Minneapolis, Kenwood
CodeHole: Fall Leaves
CodeHole: Too Much Pink
CodeHole: Graffiti Retouched, Minneapolis, MN
CodeHole: He / She Picnic by River
CodeHole: Feelings, Colored by Memories
CodeHole: Spacetime Decay Due to Black Holes And Dark Matter
CodeHole: Circular Arguments
CodeHole: Graffiti Retouched, Minneapolis MN
CodeHole: Kitchen Abstract #2
CodeHole: Kitchen Abstract #1
CodeHole: Therapeutic Abstraction #1
CodeHole: She made a strong statement...
CodeHole: One Night in September
CodeHole: Slow Growth
CodeHole: Musings On Entanglement In String Theory, 200914
CodeHole: Better Than Expected
CodeHole: The Boys Made a Mess
CodeHole: Conduit Tile Glaze
CodeHole: Love, Graffiti Retouched, Stevens Square, Minneapolis MN
CodeHole: All That Remains
CodeHole: Dirty Yellow Foam
CodeHole: Tangle II
CodeHole: Tangle I
CodeHole: Party time, Graffiti Retouched, Mississippi Riverftont, Minneapolis
CodeHole: Pen & Ink, 200815
CodeHole: Dumpster Dive
CodeHole: MIA Limestone Texture
CodeHole: A new take on the new idea
CodeHole: 200723 New Idea