Mikestreetfotos: Down by the river, Cambridge.
Mikestreetfotos: One man and his dog
Mikestreetfotos: Adding a little colour.
Mikestreetfotos: Home Sweet Home
Mikestreetfotos: Checking In
Mikestreetfotos: Waiting for the chop...barbers shop.
Mikestreetfotos: The Corner Boy
Mikestreetfotos: Outside the Roxy Waiting for the bus
Mikestreetfotos: City Boys
Mikestreetfotos: L.S.BANKSY
Mikestreetfotos: The Deansgate Vibe, Manchester
Mikestreetfotos: Expressions
Mikestreetfotos: For The Weekend
Mikestreetfotos: Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag!
Mikestreetfotos: Street Portrait, Manchester
Mikestreetfotos: Northern Quarter, Manchester
Mikestreetfotos: Worn with pride. Porter
Mikestreetfotos: Street Style
Mikestreetfotos: The Hunchback of Notre Dame...zoom in to the book!
Mikestreetfotos: Freshers Week, Cambridge
Mikestreetfotos: Emmanuel college, Cambridge
Mikestreetfotos: End of the Working Day
Mikestreetfotos: Smiling for the Birdie
Mikestreetfotos: Mind how you go Sir!
Mikestreetfotos: College Porters, Cambridge
Mikestreetfotos: Don't look now sweetie, but I think were having a little piccy taken!
Mikestreetfotos: Trinity Punts, Cambridge
Mikestreetfotos: Looking out from Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle(through voile covered window)
Mikestreetfotos: Fear and Proroguing.