Mikestreetfotos: An Apple a Day in Manchester's Northern Quarter
Mikestreetfotos: The Reading Room
Mikestreetfotos: Back when anything was possible. Northern Quarter, Manchester.
Mikestreetfotos: Ready to Serve
Mikestreetfotos: Live and Eat Pie
Mikestreetfotos: Pedestrian Crossing
Mikestreetfotos: Backstreet Break
Mikestreetfotos: Internet Cafe
Mikestreetfotos: Honestly, I can't take him anywhere when he's like this!
Mikestreetfotos: The Streets of Manchester
Mikestreetfotos: Mona Lisa Smile
Mikestreetfotos: On the Library Steps, Manchester.
Mikestreetfotos: Burning the Midnight Oil at Chapter One, Manchester.
Mikestreetfotos: The Crafty Pig
Mikestreetfotos: Please Rinse and Return to your Milkman
Mikestreetfotos: Central Library, Manchester
Mikestreetfotos: Sherpa Girl
Mikestreetfotos: Park and Play
Mikestreetfotos: Head and Shoulders above the crowd
Mikestreetfotos: The Hairy Fig
Mikestreetfotos: TV Dinner Prep
Mikestreetfotos: She comes in colours ev'rywhere She combs her hair She's like a rainbow
Mikestreetfotos: Handbags and Gladrags
Mikestreetfotos: China Town Portrait, Manchester.
Mikestreetfotos: "Don't know what it is...but I dont like the look of it!"
Mikestreetfotos: Santa Zombies
Mikestreetfotos: Drinks at the Corner Boy, Northern Quarter, Manchester
Mikestreetfotos: Ashton via Piccadilly
Mikestreetfotos: Hurry up and take the pic...my kebabs getting cold!