Coseleygirl: Norwich Cathedral
Coseleygirl: Flight
Coseleygirl: Summer
Coseleygirl: Summer in Looe
Coseleygirl: The wave
Coseleygirl: Hunstanton beach
Coseleygirl: The ruins of Tivetshall St. Mary, Norfolk
Coseleygirl: Reed beds, Norfolk Broads
Coseleygirl: Hunstanton beach
Coseleygirl: King's Lynn, Norfolk
Coseleygirl: Hunstanton beach, Norfolk
Coseleygirl: Seems 'armless enough!
Coseleygirl: Hunstanton beach, Norfolk
Coseleygirl: Martello towers
Coseleygirl: Low tide
Coseleygirl: Remember summer?
Coseleygirl: A walk on the beach
Coseleygirl: Kent landscape
Coseleygirl: Altered reality
Coseleygirl: Two white boats
Coseleygirl: The last house in England?
Coseleygirl: A change from seagulls
Coseleygirl: White cliffs
Coseleygirl: Giant gull horror!
Coseleygirl: Dancing on air
Coseleygirl: Two boats
Coseleygirl: Homeward bound?
Coseleygirl: Sunset and tree
Coseleygirl: Blue pools
Coseleygirl: Misty walk