tenmusk: Great cookware
tenmusk: Thank you! Cooking teacher Jacopo
tenmusk: The pleasure of learning Italian food:)
tenmusk: See you again next Year!!( Yamanashi Japan
tenmusk: Thank you peach farmer! !
tenmusk: Custard and almond poodle tart base;)
tenmusk: Peach compote completed!
tenmusk: In the work process ..
tenmusk: Almond poodle tart with peach compote:)
tenmusk: Homemade peach tart cake;)
tenmusk: Use this peach to make a cake!
tenmusk: Morning flower garden
tenmusk: I love watermelon;)1/2cut
tenmusk: Shining Muscat
tenmusk: I love watermelon!! 1/7cut
tenmusk: Manza Onsen Crater Gunma Japan
tenmusk: Grazie bel sorriso
tenmusk: Market in Florence
tenmusk: Market in Florence:)
tenmusk: Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore Sunset @firenze
tenmusk: toccando il duomo apertment room
tenmusk: From the Italian railway
tenmusk: David and the dark clouds
tenmusk: View from Toccando il Duomo Con Un Dito
tenmusk: It's ok.Tomorrow will be a good day @rome
tenmusk: At the beer bar
tenmusk: delicious!! even for high-speed cooking
tenmusk: Sant'Ambrogio Market
tenmusk: Mercato di San Lorenzo
tenmusk: Santa Maria del Fiore with sunset Itaria firenze