jantelleman: Water mill
jantelleman: Shopping mail in Amsterdam
jantelleman: Shopping mall in Rotterdam
jantelleman: Kolding Fjord (2)
jantelleman: Kolding Fjord (1)
jantelleman: Art as wind catcher in Enkhuizen
jantelleman: It is watching you in Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen
jantelleman: Leaf in Hoorn
jantelleman: Communication in Enkhuizen
jantelleman: Communication in Hoorn
jantelleman: Enkhuizen
jantelleman: Waiting space in Zwolle
jantelleman: Metro station in Rotterdam
jantelleman: Art exposition ‘IJssel-biënnale 2021’
jantelleman: Church door
jantelleman: Scaffolding
jantelleman: Ceiling
jantelleman: There is light …..
jantelleman: Courthouse elevator in Zwolle
jantelleman: Fairground
jantelleman: Harbor view in Rotterdam
jantelleman: ‘Kop van Zuid’ in Rotterdam
jantelleman: Train station in Susteren
jantelleman: Reflection
jantelleman: Fairground backside
jantelleman: Ceiling
jantelleman: Stronghold in Zwolle
jantelleman: To the top …..