jantelleman: For second or more life
jantelleman: ‘We miss you!’
jantelleman: Moss-3 and bokeh
jantelleman: Moss-2 and bokeh
jantelleman: Moss-1 and bokeh
jantelleman: Bamboo and bokeh
jantelleman: Stairs
jantelleman: Mirroring
jantelleman: Gateway
jantelleman: Campus
jantelleman: Railing
jantelleman: Corona waste?
jantelleman: Mirroring
jantelleman: Campus
jantelleman: Entrance terrace
jantelleman: Relection and more
jantelleman: City office Zwolle
jantelleman: Dangerous angel
jantelleman: The dream of Liliënthal (by Gerard Bruning) in Zwolle
jantelleman: Meaningful?
jantelleman: Flowers and bokeh 2
jantelleman: Flowers and bokeh 1