jantelleman: Magna Plaza in Amsterdam
jantelleman: Detail Hedon building in Zwolle
jantelleman: Offices in Utrecht
jantelleman: Mushrooms
jantelleman: Welcome!
jantelleman: Dead tree still alive
jantelleman: Old water tower with new apartments in Zwolle
jantelleman: One tube missing
jantelleman: Light and open wall structure
jantelleman: Captured together
jantelleman: Together you, me and my shadow
jantelleman: ‘Paper weight’ in Zwolle
jantelleman: Growing art in Bergen (Norway)
jantelleman: This is not the waiter !
jantelleman: Roof train station in Rotterdam
jantelleman: Michael church in Zwolle
jantelleman: Cathedral in Périgueux
jantelleman: Higher Education in Zwolle
jantelleman: Sunset or sunrise at Zwolle train station
jantelleman: Bundestag building in Berlin
jantelleman: Adoration for archangel Michael?
jantelleman: Red, white and blue
jantelleman: Rotterdam
jantelleman: Weird window-3
jantelleman: Weird window-2
jantelleman: Weird window-1
jantelleman: ‘Kop van Zuid’ in Rotterdam
jantelleman: Church in Reykjavik
jantelleman: Signs and reflections
jantelleman: Blue glass wall in Zwolle