jantelleman: Abstract reflection
jantelleman: High and dry in Zwolle
jantelleman: Fun fair in Zwolle
jantelleman: Candy Factory in Zwolle
jantelleman: City hall in Zutphen
jantelleman: Uh, a famous cathedral .....
jantelleman: Rotterdam harbour
jantelleman: Zwolle
jantelleman: Chairs in Kampen
jantelleman: Dinxperlo
jantelleman: Fountain in Dinxperlo
jantelleman: Scaffolding in Romania
jantelleman: Summer!
jantelleman: Louvain
jantelleman: Deck of SS Rotterdam
jantelleman: Sunny Sorrento
jantelleman: Windesheim in Zwolle
jantelleman: Looking up
jantelleman: Vintage Vlissingen
jantelleman: Greenland
jantelleman: Twence in Hengelo
jantelleman: A penny for your thoughts ....
jantelleman: Shopping centre in Zwolle
jantelleman: Library in Rotterdam
jantelleman: Twence in Hengelo
jantelleman: Rotterdam Central Station
jantelleman: Base pulpit Pieters-church in Louvain
jantelleman: Zwolle