tobias.westman: The warm skies. Cloudy weather. May is almost over.
tobias.westman: Sparks of you. Tender spring. Flutter faintly.
tobias.westman: As soft as can be. Springtime running away. Leaving paintings behind.
tobias.westman: Spring takes me home. The darkness brings me back. I smile with you.
tobias.westman: Everlasting joy. Flowers everywere. Whats not to enjoy about spring.
tobias.westman: May begins. The rain seems neverending. There is beauty in that to.
tobias.westman: Aimlessly dreaming. One soft april afternoon. Your memories are mine.
tobias.westman: Impatiently blooming in spring. I follow you from a distance. Patiently withering away.
tobias.westman: Calm april winds. The heat from your ways. For now trees dont matter.
tobias.westman: April shadows. The lake sipping trough. The air is fresh.
tobias.westman: Your touch of winter frenzy. Glowing in april. I see your warmt.
tobias.westman: Time well spent in this gloomy forrest. Surrounded by clouds. The warm touch of spring.
tobias.westman: The soft touch of spring. Darkness hides it. Ever so beautiful.
tobias.westman: Fluttering faintly. Decisions in spring. The safest path with the greatest view.
tobias.westman: Blurry skies entering february. Sharp lines. Your crisp air lasts forever.
tobias.westman: Your gentle touch. Your winter ways. Happiness is inside me to.
tobias.westman: The sun lights our path. Mid winter hike. It takes us home.
tobias.westman: Hidden among us. Waiting for next chapter. A leap away from spring.
tobias.westman: The sun sets. Early Days in january. Glowing with you.
tobias.westman: Blending together. Slowly disappearing. The snow covers all.
tobias.westman: Far away. Lost in time. I saw you resting on your slope.
tobias.westman: The bright snow. The dark clouds. These trees welcomes me home.
tobias.westman: Two steps closer. A breath away. The mist turns to snow this christmas eve.
tobias.westman: Every season. Every day. The longest walk.
tobias.westman: I savour every second. For many years i didnt. The beauty of you.
tobias.westman: This shady picture. The 15th of december. Soon in the middle of no were
tobias.westman: Your grasp is warmth. The ground cares not. The snow melts with you
tobias.westman: Fluttering silently past us. Warmer than ever. The winter is here.
tobias.westman: November sunset. Shadows lingering. Its just past noon.
tobias.westman: The sun setting. All those many years ago. You tell stories about home.