devikagunasena: The disturbed pigeons!!!!
devikagunasena: The struggle of the people, as depicted by an artist.
devikagunasena: He looks pretty tired!!!!
devikagunasena: Sea scape!!!- Leica SL2.
devikagunasena: NANDI… Lord Shiva’s vehicle, inside a Hindu temple.
devikagunasena: The night walkers!!!!
devikagunasena: The deserted street on a Sunday morning!!!!!
devikagunasena: Loaded to the hilt!!!!!
devikagunasena: Finding shelter in an alleyway!!!!
devikagunasena: An old building!!!!
devikagunasena: A ride in the dark!!!!
devikagunasena: Harsh shadows!!!!
devikagunasena: Repairing of tires!!!!
devikagunasena: A helping hand!!!!
devikagunasena: Holding hands!!!!
devikagunasena: Me and my shadow!!!!
devikagunasena: Lady selling flowers!!!!
devikagunasena: Beggar outside the mosque!!!!
devikagunasena: Children at play!!!!
devikagunasena: Prayer time at the mosque!!!!
devikagunasena: A street scene!!!!
devikagunasena: After prayers!!!!
devikagunasena: Pigeons that have been released at the mosque!!!!
devikagunasena: Women praying at the mosque!!!!
devikagunasena: Activities in the temple!!!!!
devikagunasena: Wheels!!!!