shanahands: Bath time
shanahands: Ambulanza
shanahands: Departed
shanahands: White balance
shanahands: Flat-pack
shanahands: waters edge
shanahands: ripples
shanahands: Freshly caught ?
shanahands: watching
shanahands: Orthodox
shanahands: Majorelle Garden
shanahands: Beauty in decay
shanahands: Pigeon post
shanahands: Skid marks...
shanahands: Tidal marshland on the Deben
shanahands: Not PC
shanahands: Fission in the morning ?
shanahands: hot dog
shanahands: Late summer blues
shanahands: Heading to Panama
shanahands: Life is rarely black and white
shanahands: Water water everywhere....
shanahands: Curtain call
shanahands: A cloud arises
shanahands: Window boxes
shanahands: Three old ladies
shanahands: Cranes
shanahands: Port operations
shanahands: Nash Point