strnadpavel33: Autumn haze
strnadpavel33: In the Golden Light 3
strnadpavel33: In the Golden Light 2
strnadpavel33: In the Golden Light
strnadpavel33: Low clouds take me high
strnadpavel33: Changeful weather
strnadpavel33: White & Blue
strnadpavel33: A sad morning
strnadpavel33: Beams of light
strnadpavel33: Between Night & Day
strnadpavel33: Low clouds in foothills of Western Tatras
strnadpavel33: There is nothing better than mountains
strnadpavel33: Freezy morning
strnadpavel33: Inversion dawning
strnadpavel33: Waiting for the Sunrise
strnadpavel33: Cows & Haze
strnadpavel33: Almost like a God´s sign
strnadpavel33: When you are lucky with the weather
strnadpavel33: Just a perfect autumn morning
strnadpavel33: Autumn ´´Kitsch´´
strnadpavel33: Low clouds blankets
strnadpavel33: November impressions
strnadpavel33: November
strnadpavel33: Morning on Grosser Arber
strnadpavel33: The last Island
strnadpavel33: Inversion world 2
strnadpavel33: Inversion world
strnadpavel33: 150 km to the morning Alps
strnadpavel33: 2 churches peeking through the mist
strnadpavel33: Nightfall above the sea of low clouds