spotwolf5: Heading up the South Fork Buffalo River in the Teton Wilderness. Bridger-Teton National Forest
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone: storm over Clear Creek Ridge. Teton Wilderness.
spotwolf5: Fireweed in autumn. Southeast Idaho
spotwolf5: Jackknife Creek. Caribou Mountains. Greater Yellowstone
spotwolf5: A Douglas fir in the midst of an aspen tree clone.
spotwolf5: Autumn Leaves in Ant Canyon. Bear River Range. Southeastern Idaho
spotwolf5: Last light. A late autumn sunset. Near Blackfoot, Idaho.
spotwolf5: Autumn trail beneath Kinport Peak west of Pocatello, Idao
spotwolf5: Near Chimney Peak in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness
spotwolf5: Above the burned headwaters of Rock Creek from Deadman Point. View to the NE down the Imnaha River
spotwolf5: From Deadman Point into the Wallowas, NE Oregon
spotwolf5: Autumn 2021 in Mink Creek. Bannock Mountains, southeastern Idaho
spotwolf5: Autumn in Porcelain Pot Draw. Bannock Range, SE Idaho
spotwolf5: Gibson Jack trail in autumn. SE Idaho.
spotwolf5: Rugged wall of Boulder Creek Canyon. Bitterroot Range
spotwolf5: Gibson Jack Creek trail in autumn. Southeast Idaho
spotwolf5: A small wildfire under stormy sky.
spotwolf5: Lenticular clouds. Portneuf mountain range at sundown. December
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone: Distant Teton Mtns. from Angles Trail in the Teton Wilderness area
spotwolf5: Riparian forest in the West Fork of Mink Creek
spotwolf5: Autumn at West Mink Creek with snowberry bushes, willow, goldenrod, water birch, and rough horsetail
spotwolf5: Fireweed, gone to seed. First day of autumn
spotwolf5: The West Fork Mink Creek trail.
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone: At Five Pockets. Washakie Wilderness
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone: Across the meadows from the North Fork Buffalo River
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone: North Fork of the Buffalo River. Teton Wilderness
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone: Eagle Creek and distant Eagle Peak from ridge at Kitty Creek. Washakie Wilderness
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone: On Angle Mountain. Into the Teton Wilderness.
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone: Crest of the Absaroka Range above Fishhawk Creek.
spotwolf5: Greater Yellowstone. Hidden Basin in the Washakie Wilderness