antheia85: A pathway to Plitvice
antheia85: Reflections
antheia85: Svalbard mountains in the arctic summer
antheia85: Puffin in flight
antheia85: Walrus
antheia85: Green waters
antheia85: Nature's pearls
antheia85: Misty autumn sunrise
antheia85: Foggy morning
antheia85: Autumn morning
antheia85: Reine, Lofoten
antheia85: Golden colours
antheia85: Golden colours of autumn
antheia85: Autumn in Northern Norway
antheia85: Butterfly in Lofoten, Norway
antheia85: Sunset at Lindesnes lighthouse
antheia85: Morning in Loen
antheia85: Flying into the clouds
antheia85: Morning fog at Lovatnet
antheia85: Clouds rolling over the mountains
antheia85: Dancing queen
antheia85: Iguazu falls
antheia85: Black-capped Donacobius
antheia85: Green lovebirds
antheia85: Jaguar posing in the Pantanal
antheia85: Sunset in the Erg Chebbi desert
antheia85: View over Lysefjorden
antheia85: Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung monastery
antheia85: Two fjords meeting
antheia85: Morning in October