Naturissima: Sanglier (Sus scrofa) boar
Francis Minini (On-Off): Mirlo común macho..
Francis Minini (On-Off): Tórtola de collar..
Francis Minini (On-Off): Puente Salomón...
Francis Minini (On-Off): Sunset on the Roman Bridge of Cordoba...
Francis Minini (On-Off): After the Storm:::Between Lights...
Francis Minini (On-Off): The light went out and the storm arrives..
Francis Minini (On-Off): Its time to eat..
Francis Minini (On-Off): Abejaruco Europeo...
Francis Minini (On-Off): Carbonero Comun...
Francis Minini (On-Off): Tintillo Bridge...
Francis Minini (On-Off): Stormy Sunset...
Francis Minini (On-Off): Water of Life...
Francis Minini (On-Off): Water of Life...II
Cathy Lorraine: "Beautiful and Graceful" The Anise Swallowtail Butterfly
Cathy Lorraine: "Sierra Blues" / Convict Lake in the Eastern Sierras, California
Cathy Lorraine: "Smiles of Nature" Swinhoe's White-Eye
Cathy Lorraine: "The Colors of the Spirit" Giant Tecolote Ranunculus Flowers
paolomacis: gruccione/bee-eater
Tony Spane: Black-headed Grosbeak male
Tony Spane: Black-headed Grosbeak female
Marco Maljaars: Gondola! [On Explore]
Robert's__Photography.: Afraid Of Time.
ptit fauve: Coucou ... je suis là !!!
ptit fauve: Gorgebleue à miroir
fidelio_88: Thècle de la ronce