markharwood1969: Diamond outcrop
markharwood1969: Soaring in the sunshine
markharwood1969: Reeds (and pines)
markharwood1969: Picking amongst the ruins
markharwood1969: Look on my works ye mighty and despair
markharwood1969: Kylemore Abbey
markharwood1969: Cycle route
markharwood1969: Grey is the only colour
markharwood1969: The colours are not the buildings
markharwood1969: Empty Oxford
markharwood1969: Lonely pole, lonely bird, crowd of poppies
markharwood1969: Tall poppy syndrome
markharwood1969: Rubbish at hide-and-seek
markharwood1969: Super NHS
markharwood1969: The Red Woman of the Tower
markharwood1969: Shabby to the eyes, but it has travelled far
markharwood1969: Angel sunshade
markharwood1969: Splash of colour 8
markharwood1969: The heron and willow
markharwood1969: Balanced
markharwood1969: Tree fern sunset
markharwood1969: Crazy dancing trees
markharwood1969: Pink sunset, pink trousers
markharwood1969: Splash of colour 7
markharwood1969: Lonely pine, lonely crow
markharwood1969: St Paul's over the top of Blackfriars Bridge Station
markharwood1969: fading tulips
markharwood1969: The Heron and Fountain