markharwood1969: The green green grass of home
markharwood1969: 15 years ago
markharwood1969: Dawson's Heights II
markharwood1969: Shadow tree and pink curtains
markharwood1969: Open window
markharwood1969: Dawson's Heights
markharwood1969: The banners of storm Dennis
markharwood1969: Structure two ways
markharwood1969: Lines, textures and colours
markharwood1969: Melting frost
markharwood1969: James Adams, watched
markharwood1969: Chimneys and shadow chimneys
markharwood1969: Thataway
markharwood1969: Exterior and interior decorators not talking
markharwood1969: Painted wall and Regents Canal gasholders
markharwood1969: Lined up
markharwood1969: Path to Benjamin
markharwood1969: Lonely boat on a Norfolk creek
markharwood1969: Flooded fields behind the dyke in north Norfolk
markharwood1969: Early morning reeds
markharwood1969: Reed bed on north Norfolk coast
markharwood1969: Confucius at King's College London
markharwood1969: Lonely tree of London
markharwood1969: Autumn in the V&A garden
markharwood1969: Morning in Slough
markharwood1969: Orange, blue, grey
markharwood1969: Romanesque reflected in brutalist
markharwood1969: Mount Taranaki