mariajoseuriospastor: "An old boot"
mariajoseuriospastor: ".Coffee time"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Pink ranunculus"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Happy Valentine's Day"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Valentine's Day is coming"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Flower basket"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Equilibrium"
mariajoseuriospastor: "A few daisies"
mariajoseuriospastor: "With a rope"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Winter light"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Can't live without photography"
mariajoseuriospastor: "A shopping bag"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Always remember that a Rainbow appears only after the rain"
mariajoseuriospastor: "The first if the year"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Happy New Year"
mariajoseuriospastor: "My Christmas card"
mariajoseuriospastor: “Still life in December”
mariajoseuriospastor: "A small Christmas Tree"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Christmas breakfast"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Christmas is coming"
mariajoseuriospastor: "A clases jar"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Two scooters"
mariajoseuriospastor: "Gerbera couple"
mariajoseuriospastor: “Still life with red daisies”
mariajoseuriospastor: “An Autumm walk”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Clover”
mariajoseuriospastor: “I like red”