mariajoseuriospastor: “Over the fence”
mariajoseuriospastor: “They grew up in my garden”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Purple daisy bouquet”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile “
mariajoseuriospastor: “Valentine’s Day is coming”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Packed”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Garden treasures”
mariajoseuriospastor: “A small town”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Pink still life”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Grape hyacinths”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Pruning daisies”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Forever”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Rainy days”
mariajoseuriospastor: “In the Windows”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Pink beetle”
mariajoseuriospastor: “ Winter has arrived “
mariajoseuriospastor: “The first hours of the day”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Dry flowers in the winter”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Christmas tree”
mariajoseuriospastor: “ l like the stars”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Red fire”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Christmas stars”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Folded”
mariajoseuriospastor: “ Christmas time”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Christmas colors”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Christmas pickup”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Passion for chocolate”
mariajoseuriospastor: “Little garden”