wesome: Banff
sjs61: Goodbye 2019!!
Pablo RG: Costa Quebrada
Celia W Zhen: Patagonia Series 26/52 - Fitz Roy
Mimi Ditchie: Fantastic Sea Cave
yan08865: Nuptse and Everest
Dackelpup: Lillie
Friedrich Beren: Weihnachtsbaum
Dackelpup: Luna
Dackelpup: Moonlit
Dackelpup: Maki
Dackelpup: Magical Winter
Dackelpup: Mirror
Dackelpup: Jazz
Dackelpup: Luna
_LhO_: Eric Tabarly Bridge
Erwan2LuX: *** Maelle ***
sniggie: Appalachia finger paints with her autumn colors
pdxsafariguy: Sunset Echoes
pdxsafariguy: Winter's Grip
pdxsafariguy: The Oasis
pdxsafariguy: Crossing into a Dream
magli_giovanni: Misty morning
tomianknowles: In A Landscape [explored]
klaus.huppertz: in the woods of the Black Forest
cosmo-jo: Sunset and dark clouds
petraherdlitschke: Morgenerwachen-Moremi