RichardsScenery: A Feathered Beauty
RichardsScenery: Gold Dust Carrier
RichardsScenery: Dragonfly Rescue Friend
RichardsScenery: White Ibis
RichardsScenery: Giving Thanks to the Creator :)
RichardsScenery: **Death** by FLowers!!!!
RichardsScenery: A beauty in beauty!
RichardsScenery: Bow to me! Yes, your Majesty!
RichardsScenery: She's a lovely lady!
RichardsScenery: Something tastes Fishy!
RichardsScenery: Frog for Lunch!!
RichardsScenery: is Susan brown or black eyed?
RichardsScenery: O-FISH-ally, a brown pelican
RichardsScenery: Fur, Flowers and Food
RichardsScenery: Eye, see you!
RichardsScenery: Ole Bug Eyes
RichardsScenery: Watchful eye
RichardsScenery: Unknown bird??
RichardsScenery: SHHHHH....
RichardsScenery: Baby Alligator Resting
RichardsScenery: Cattle Egret
RichardsScenery: Shimmering Glossy Ibis
RichardsScenery: Whistling duck and sunset
RichardsScenery: Peek-a-boo
RichardsScenery: Bug and flower macro
RichardsScenery: Raccoon Kits
RichardsScenery: Monster Buck
RichardsScenery: Boyfriend and Girlfriend
RichardsScenery: Giving Thanks....