laz666: Forest Kingfisher with Skink
21orion: Northern Pygmy Owl Explore 9/11/2019
Douglas Liu: Bald Eagle at Conowingo Dam
laz666: Kookaburra eating a earth worm
Muckmagnet (No Banners Please): Male Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)
john.purvis: Sibling Rivalry
ricardo00: Nuttall's woodpecker with berry
ricardo00: yellow-rumped warbler with berry
JG Photography86: Great Crested Grebe, Attenborough Nature Reserve.
Gediminas Gražulevičius, Lithuania: Tulžys ( Alcedo atthis) European Kingfisher, Eisvogel - 6F3A3927 (1)
One_eye2011: La Perouse Sunset
A child in the night: On days like these.
1 denis williams: Lest we forget (Explored)
wlb393: Great Horned Owl
roland.b: The Fallen
denagel_2010: Twilight
J Helsel: Week 45 of 52 / 2019 - George at the rocks in Confluence
SharonWellings: Grindjisee
jeanpierrefrey: cette première Rose de Noël pour vous tous
Northernstar28**: A Reverie of Dreams
gomezthecosmonaut: Dr Strangelove
Julian Barker: Erewash Autumn
Geoff Moore UK: Shropshire White Horse
OzzRod: Preparations
BearLamp: M4 Sherman
Rexer Ong: Urban nightscape
Nigel Danson: The tree
Hélio Phil: Macroglodyte mignon