chrisayles78: Peacock Butterfly
chrisayles78: Small Heath Butterfly
chrisayles78: Silver Spotted Skipper
chrisayles78: Essex Skipper
chrisayles78: Essex Skipper
chrisayles78: Small Tortoiseshell
chrisayles78: Common darter
chrisayles78: Marbled white
chrisayles78: Marbled White
chrisayles78: Red Admiral
chrisayles78: Painted Lady
chrisayles78: Female Broad-bodied Chaser
chrisayles78: Brown argus
chrisayles78: Small blue
chrisayles78: Brown Argus
chrisayles78: Adonis blue male
chrisayles78: Green hairstreak
chrisayles78: Green hairstreak
chrisayles78: Dingy Skipper Butterfly
chrisayles78: Female Blackbird
chrisayles78: Springtime Robin
chrisayles78: Greenfinch
chrisayles78: Female Great Mormon in the Butterfly House
chrisayles78: Narrow focus mushroom
chrisayles78: Curious Robin
chrisayles78: Fine gills
chrisayles78: Among the moss
chrisayles78: Vein Mushrooms
chrisayles78: Fiery Milkcaps
chrisayles78: On the forest floor