lesleydugmore: Pic a boo
lesleydugmore: Ruins in Barmouth
lesleydugmore: Sunset Santorini
lesleydugmore: Sunrise on Santorini
lesleydugmore: Blue dome of Santorini
lesleydugmore: Glencoe Lochan
lesleydugmore: Llanwst
lesleydugmore: View from Curbar edge
lesleydugmore: Merry Christmas to everyone
lesleydugmore: Lake Buttermere
lesleydugmore: Buttermere
lesleydugmore: Derwent in Keswick
lesleydugmore: Smallest house in Great Britain
lesleydugmore: Conwy Castle
lesleydugmore: Conwy Harbour
lesleydugmore: Greek flag Oia Santorini
lesleydugmore: Conwy Bay
lesleydugmore: Walking into Thira
lesleydugmore: Sunset Oia Santorini
lesleydugmore: Oia August 2019
lesleydugmore: Waiting for sunset South Aegean
lesleydugmore: Looking out to sea
lesleydugmore: Seats with view
lesleydugmore: Greek salad
lesleydugmore: Jacobite known Has the Hogwart Express
lesleydugmore: Black Rock Cottage
lesleydugmore: Reflections over Loch Leven
lesleydugmore: Greystoke Village
lesleydugmore: Overlooking Sheil Loch