lesleydugmore: Black Rock Cottage
lesleydugmore: Reflections over Loch Leven
lesleydugmore: Greystoke Village
lesleydugmore: Overlooking Sheil Loch
lesleydugmore: The boys are back
lesleydugmore: Over looking the village of Youlgreave
lesleydugmore: Beautiful view over Loch Leven
lesleydugmore: Boating life
lesleydugmore: Grassmere Lake, Lake District
lesleydugmore: Glenfinnan Monument
lesleydugmore: Glen Coe Lochan
lesleydugmore: Castle Stalker
lesleydugmore: Glenfinnan Viaduct
lesleydugmore: Loch Leven
lesleydugmore: Looking over at Loch Leven
lesleydugmore: Foxglove
lesleydugmore: Arley Station Worcestershire
lesleydugmore: The Habour Inn
lesleydugmore: Port Louis
lesleydugmore: Blue eyes
lesleydugmore: On the footpath near Brother water lake
lesleydugmore: The Hamlet of Milldale in spring
lesleydugmore: This monument is to the second Lord Feversham who died in 1867. It was erected in 1869 at a cost of £800.
lesleydugmore: Le Morne
lesleydugmore: Entrance to St James Buttermere
lesleydugmore: Afon Llugwy
lesleydugmore: St John the Baptist
lesleydugmore: Surprise view
lesleydugmore: Serene view