andredekok: Astral visions.
andredekok: On the way home.
andredekok: Yvonne - bits and pieces
andredekok: Snowy winter walk
andredekok: Gloom
andredekok: Deep water
andredekok: One morning.....
andredekok: We don't have forever....
andredekok: Reflection 3
andredekok: Catching the Sun.
andredekok: Reflections 2
andredekok: Yvonne
andredekok: Earth Colors and some poetry.
andredekok: Early morning rise.
andredekok: The light within the dark.
andredekok: Wilma
andredekok: Mourn
andredekok: Wilma
andredekok: Autumn Leaves
andredekok: Portrait of Moon.
andredekok: Yvonne
andredekok: After you've gone..
andredekok: Last light.
andredekok: Unfinished.
andredekok: shared space
andredekok: and it stoned me...
andredekok: The path to lake Lonneker.
andredekok: On leaving...
andredekok: Hazy sunrise