AngharadW: Frosty
AngharadW: A little bit chilly
AngharadW: Minimal sunlight
AngharadW: Tiny purple flowers
AngharadW: Reflected light again
AngharadW: A little reflected light
AngharadW: Winter light
AngharadW: More rain....
AngharadW: Droopy
AngharadW: Brightness on a gloomy day
AngharadW: More lichen
AngharadW: Redux
AngharadW: Hanging out to dry
AngharadW: Microscopic world
AngharadW: Rest a while
AngharadW: One could be fooled..
AngharadW: Baby bonnets
AngharadW: November honeysuckle
AngharadW: Christmas cactus
AngharadW: Gone to seed
AngharadW: Last light
AngharadW: Ground view
AngharadW: Chain
AngharadW: Strawberry survival
AngharadW: Reflections
AngharadW: Life’s various paths
AngharadW: Rose
AngharadW: Duck from above
AngharadW: Summer sunset