AngharadW: Tied up
AngharadW: Cardiff sunset
AngharadW: Offa’s dyke
AngharadW: Flowers and blue skies
AngharadW: Sunset on Whitesands bay
AngharadW: Traeth Llyfn “bay”
AngharadW: Wild rose
AngharadW: Peony
AngharadW: Venturing out
AngharadW: Unusual patterns
AngharadW: Dancing
AngharadW: Passion flower
AngharadW: Petals
AngharadW: Fill the frame - photobombed!
AngharadW: Sunny Sunday (afternoon) stroll
AngharadW: Early tayberries
AngharadW: Another sunny day
AngharadW: Small Worcesterbury fruit growing
AngharadW: Larvae and a broken cocoon
AngharadW: Continuing on a theme...
AngharadW: A wasps nest
AngharadW: Going to seed
AngharadW: Tulip, again....
AngharadW: Am I a leaf or a petal
AngharadW: Tulip portrait
AngharadW: Hiding
AngharadW: Yellow
AngharadW: Tulips
AngharadW: Easter Sunday
AngharadW: Jagged ....