AngharadW: Anticipation
AngharadW: Forget me not
AngharadW: Droplets
AngharadW: Pasg Hapus . Happy Easter
AngharadW: Palm Sunday
AngharadW: Bright and breezy
AngharadW: Last year….
AngharadW: Sunset
AngharadW: I will lift me eyes ….( again)
AngharadW: New head gear
AngharadW: Getting colder
AngharadW: Yeah, November is overrated
AngharadW: Lost
AngharadW: Onion flowers
AngharadW: Bonnets
AngharadW: Lines
AngharadW: Curling
AngharadW: Ahhhhhh
AngharadW: Lliwiau’r hydref/autumn colours
AngharadW: Looking rough
AngharadW: Onion flowers
AngharadW: Changing the guard
AngharadW: Sunday lunch
AngharadW: Tight squeeze
AngharadW: Why would I need petals!
AngharadW: Taste of things to come
AngharadW: SOOC
AngharadW: Pollen
AngharadW: Side view
AngharadW: Spiral