AngharadW: Not yet open
AngharadW: Keeping busy
AngharadW: Fuschia buds
AngharadW: More potato flowers
AngharadW: Potato bud
AngharadW: Nasturtium
AngharadW: Fuschia bud
AngharadW: Blodyn tatws/potato flower
AngharadW: Pollen, stigma and the wrong sort of seed
AngharadW: In a roundabout way
AngharadW: Bethesda
AngharadW: Lilies
AngharadW: Colour wheel
AngharadW: A rose
AngharadW: Flower
AngharadW: Sky blue
AngharadW: Ty Mawr Wybrnant
AngharadW: Digitalis
AngharadW: The standing salmon
AngharadW: Welsh poppy
AngharadW: Portmeirion
AngharadW: Moel Siabod
AngharadW: Zipping along
AngharadW: Salmon jumping
AngharadW: Snowdonia National Park
AngharadW: Water droplet at roadside
AngharadW: Hydrangea
AngharadW: Last night’s partial lunar eclipse
AngharadW: Feeding time
AngharadW: Patterns